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Make a Amazon Dash security sensor

Amazon Dash buttons are not only for ordering.

Free wireless doorbell (Amazon Dash button hack)

The most terrifying situation I can imagine* is missing a parcel

Zigbee Low Battery Warning

Zigbee devices add up quickly, so monitoring battery levels for dozen or so of them could be a challenge. Not with Zigbee Low Battery Warning system!

A “goodnight” button – MiHome switch it all and more

I'm not going to lie, there are many times I ended up in bed "accidentally" then absolutely hated getting back up and turning everything...

Xiaomi Gateway in NodeRED

I reviewed the Xiaomi Mi Home Hub as a standalone gadget, it is time to see how I can integrate the device with my...

Hacking ESP8266 smart plug – serial adaper

Digging into Oittm Smart Plug some more.

NotEnoughTECH visits China

What happens in China, stays on NotEnoughTECH