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Short survey about videos! (one question survey)

One question or two

Dear Readers!

Thanks for stopping by! There are few hundreds of you on here every day!! I’m impressed! Ever since I have started the page I noticed that the video views dropped a bit, especially the engagement past the introduction part. (that’s  the boring part where we get to the meat of things. I know it’s boring) there isn’t much I can do to escape this, just stick few outtakes at the end!

I wonder if this drop has anything to do with articles available on here? So I’d like to ask about it. If you want to leave a comment on any social media it’s also great. This won’t affect the posts on here or frequency of me posting really. I just want to know what’s best. I will continue making videos – they pay for the server and the domain! I also got few donations lately that I used towards some projects (big thank you – you know who you are! )

Regardless of your answers –  you are still awesome.

Thanks to your support I write for xda-developers.com and pocketables.com – so without you – I wouldn’t be able to do what I do!

Thank you for stopping by!


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