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Using Reddit instead of Google Collections?

Dealing with the fallout caused by Google+ use by date!

News travels fast. You are all probably aware that Google+ is going away, at least for the regular users. While I do have a business account with GSuite and I could still have the access to Google+ pages, it makes very little sense for Google+ Collections.

A lot of you follow my Collections. More of you than actually following my Google+ account. It’s also how new people find my tutorials. With Google+ out of the picture, I have to assume that I can’t count on the Collections any more.

I already have a subreddit r/Not_Enough_TECH (don’t get excited, it’s not used for much yet), which could be repurposed to keep all my links in one place. The website is great if you know what are you looking for, but less fun if you want to glance over my entire collection of projects and tutorials. You can search my website, but sometimes it’s better to have a page with links to each project I made.

The recent Reddit UI overhaul actually made it more useful. There is rich formatting available, which is just enough to share links and short descriptions. Pictures, files and meat of the tutorials would still be available via notenoughtech.com.

I’m not going to implement the changes just yet, but if with Google+ premature departure, I’d like to provide an equivalent, topic-oriented list of my projects and tutorials. Feel free to join the subreddit, as if anything will happen, will happen on that subreddit. Unless of course, I’ll come up with a much better solution!


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