Winter is still here, in the UK, and by winter, I mean about 2°C on a cold night. I left the Google Pixel phone in my car last night. The temperature inside was probably around 3-5ºC (37F) and the phone has been there for just over an hour. Long enough to bring the temperature of the phone down. When I finally got the phone back and turned the screen on – the unexpected happened. Has Google Pixel’s battery got a problem? Just like its predecessor from the Nexus line?

Google Pixel’s battery issues

The phone had about 20% charge when I left it inside the car. When I turned the screen back on, Google Pixel shut itself down after about a second. I managed to notice the charge level, which was 15% at that time.Google Pixel's battery

I took the phone inside and let the handset warm up for a moment, then turned it on again. The phone reported 11% charge. If this story sounds familiar to you, the same issues plagued the Nexus 6P line. I got my Nexus send off for the successful RMA. It’s the first instance of this, but something tells me this is not the last one.

Google Pixel's battery
The only day with snow so far. And that was not the day I left my phone outside.

Last time, I noticed this earlier as I used my Nexus 6P as a cycling tracker on a daily basis. The Google Pixel enjoys the comforts of driving. It looks like this is yet another phone from the search giant with issues. Has Google Pixel got a battery problem? Both phones started to be affected a year after release, during the winter, cutting off without a warning.

Let me know if you have a Google Pixel, and you live in a colder country – I’d like to know how do you find Pixel’s performance. I can totally accept batteries to give up in a very cold weather. 5°C is not consider an extreme cold by any standards. It seems that I have to take the Google

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