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Amazon Dash UK buttons are available in the UK

More buttons!

In case you are not aware Amazon Dash UK has launched. You can buy the buttons on the Amazon website for £4.99. What’s the deal with it? After a successful trial in the USA, the buttons are available if you are a Prime member.

The native functionality allows you to bring your shopping experience with a single click. There are restrictions in place to stop you or your kids from accidental orders. Once press, the button will send an order to Amazon.co.uk over WIFI and place a request for the product and the amount of your choice. This will be dispatched swiftly to your doorstep.


free wireless doorbell

Ever heard of flic.io? Probably no, but very similar solution (a wifi button) costs over £30! Amazon Dash UK are hackable. In fact, there is API available for developers and button can be hacked and used as a WIFI switch. Simply follow my Raspberry PI based project.

For a fraction of the price (even for free as Amazon offers a cash back on the first purchase), you can set up a bunch of these bad-boys around to perform various online functions. Or you could just order a million nappies… if that’s your thing.

I’m not judging.


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