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Shopping List – 3 things I bought in March 2018

Not as impressive, but with a huge impact on the further videos!

It’s this time of the month again. Slightly later than usual, mostly because my visit to China is so intense. I’m sharing the list of items purchased (or ordered) in the month of March. I hope it will give you some inspiration and ideas. After all, many of my purchases happen when I stumble onto something I can’t live without! It’s fair to say the air-fares and visa took a substantial amount of the balance I have for gadgets.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 (Chinese version)

Looking back at my transfer video and the West Lake video, I could not stand the shake associated with a handheld motion. It was time to invest a little bit since I want to post more updates from China. The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is pretty cool, although the entire order has been the bag of mixed feeling. The unit I have played with at store (out of stock) is the European version, while the one I got (with a significant discount) was the Chinese one. Initially, I thought I got conned as the unit looks nothing like the one I played in the store, but it has all the functions even though it’s missing a trigger button. I’m happy for now, but I will write a proper review soon!


IPX Antenna Mounting Plate (SMT)

A reader sent me an email about the WiFi signal being boosted by positioning the antenna better. I noticed this when I played with RaspberryPi’s and the ultimate network test, so I figured I would try to add an external antenna to a Raspberry Pi Zero W. This should be a fun tutorial, especially, that I have some servos in mind!


Bonus: Jack Johnson albums  (From Here To Now To You/All The Light Above It Too)

Totally not related, but the list is so short, that I needed to add everything to fit the 300 words SEO requirements. I’m a big fan, I have been to a concert in Sydney (Xmas gift from my partner) so I thought it would make a really nice addition to the birthday gift for my wife. It should bring the warm Australian memories back!


I can tell already that my April spendings will be limited to food and tickets to see places, unless I find something incredible, or turn really famous and rich!


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