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Folder based Digital Wellbeing and more tricks with Nova Launcher!

Discover two cools things you can do with Nova Launcher and Tasker! Default Folder apps and Digital wellbeing monitor.

Start Music with MiBand 4

MiBand 4 comes with music playback controls, but you couldn't start the playback from the tracker until now - start music with MiBand 4

Tasker Smart NavBar #7 Smarter NavBar

Use this Tasker NavBar action to join all standalone NavBar actions together and create the ultimate Smart NavBar.

Dynamic IP updates in NodeRED

Update the global variable each time your server variable will change so you could always send and receive the data from the correct IP 

Tasker Smart NavBar #6 Music controller

Control music playback directly from the NavBar using this dynamic smart NavBar Music actions.

Tasker Smart NavBar #5 Better clipboard manager

Use NavBar to bring out your personal ClipBoard Manager when you need it most.

Tasker Smart NavBar #4 NFC lights controller

Create a dynamic NavBar that works with NFC and lets you control all smart devices!

Tasker Smart NavBar #2 WhatsApp NavBar actions

Create better conversational experience with WhatsApp NavBar actions

Tasker Smart NavBar #1 Cast to active PC

Cast your favourite apps to the active PC.

Fun times with Smarter Tasker NavBar actions

Tasker 5.7 is out! All of you who subscribe to the beta channel got to test the beta features early, but now...

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Bluetooth battery monitor – monitor any Bluetooth battery with Tasker

I love my HBS-730 Bluetooth headphones. They come with all the bells and whistles, heck, even a battery feedback. All good but one little...

ESP8266 DIY Smart Socket – SOFTWARE (3/3)

It took me longer than I assumed it would, mainly due to software issues, but once I modified the software to my needs, it...

Tasker Twilight plugin – Use the Sun as a context

Until this plugin, my screen brightness has been regulated by a time-sensitive context. It was working great until the summer turned into a winter...

Are your time event conditions in Tasker are in trouble?

I don't usually write about the Tasker issues unless I get to experience it myself. It makes sense, I need to know what I'm...

Make a Amazon Dash security sensor

This is probably the last Amazon Dash hack I can come up with. The previous one - Wireless Doorbell was a great success and I'm...