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Folder based Digital Wellbeing and more tricks with Nova Launcher!

Discover two cools things you can do with Nova Launcher and Tasker! Default Folder apps and Digital wellbeing monitor.

Creating Alexa notifications in NodeRED

Turns out, creating Alexa notifications in NodeRED is very easy thanks to a new skill. Here is how to make your NodeRED cooperate with Alexa.

Tasker: Seconds into DD:HH:MM:SS (dynamic)

It's time to.... ok it's a pun, but I will show you how to master time and convert seconds to DD:HH:MM:SS dynamically

Google Assistant and NodeRED integration

Until now, it was nearly impossible to add the NodeRED devices to Google Home. Thanks to gBridge, Google Assistant and NodeRED integration is simple!

Sonoff Mini vs Shelly 1

Which smart switch is better for your home? Sonoff Mini vs Shelly 1

BENEXMART Tuya Zigbee kit

When it comes to home automation, Aqara and Xiaomi aren't the only Zigbee options - first look at Benexmart Zigbee kit and functions.

Sonoff Mini – great switch, but…

Sonoff Mini comes with DIY mode and lets you control your lights via wall switch as well as the internet

Shelly 1 – brilliant software, flawed hardware

Shelly 1 is a smart switch that comes with great software, but less than stellar hardware

What’s new in NodeRED 1.0

What's new in upcoming NodeRED 1.0. Quick overview of the most important changes.

Root & Google Pay on Xiaomi Mi 9

Unlock, root and fix Google Pay on Xiaomi Mi 9 and MIUI 10