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Tasker Smart NavBar #2 WhatsApp NavBar actions

Create better conversational experience with WhatsApp NavBar actions

Get WhatsApp voice notifications & translations in native languages with Tasker

Get international with Tasker and this Whatsapp profile

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Tasker NavBars are back [sort of]

New beta version of Tasker brings interactive scenes that can replicate NavBars and more!
Custom notifications from any app for Wahoo element roam

Fixing Wahoo Element Notifications

I'm miles away from finishing the Wahoo Element Roam review, but I already found some imperfections that bother me enough to find workarounds. Wahoo...

Xiaomi Mi 11 – what #MovieMagic is this?

Xiaomi Mi 11 is the latest flagship from Chinese giant. The it's not perfect, but comes with features that could offer the redemption that justifies the purchase

7 awesome Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts for Android

7 unique Android shortcuts that you can add to any Bluetooth keyboard.

Don’t tell your boss you got Xiaomi MiiiW

Xiaomi XiiiW Keyboard comes with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity and is able to switch the inputs under 2 sec.

I switched to Xiaomi Mi 9 after 6 years with Google Phones

Will Xiaomi Mi 9 replace my Google Pixel 3? Talking about a great phone which sadly isn't issue free

Tasker Smart NavBar #7 Smarter NavBar

Use this Tasker NavBar action to join all standalone NavBar actions together and create the ultimate Smart NavBar.