Use Amazon Dash as smart light remote

Amazon Dash strikes again, this time as a remote!

I have talked about the Tasker and Yeelight integration before. The recent app update has broken few things. I have submitted my feedback to Yeelight hoping for some Tasker functionality to be restored in the next patch. This gave me some time to play with the Yeelight Smart RGB bulb and Raspberry PI.  I used Amazon Dash as smart light remote!

Amazon Dash as smart light remote

Amazon Dash as smart light remoteThe Yeelight smart RGB bulb offers an excellent API. I talked about this more in this article. I’m taking an older project of mine where the Amazon Dash is able to communicate with Raspberry Pi. We can use this to control the Yeelight light.

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There are few obstacles that I have to overcome. I only have a single button, therefore, if I want to use the Amazon Dash as a smart light remote I need to use it as a  toggle. I also know that the button will send multiple calls once pressed, so I have to take this into consideration.

I’m planning to use the Amazon Dash button in 3 modes. I have more than one button and the modes will include:

  • simple toggle (one button, single light)
  • groups (one button, multiple lights)
  • inline switching (multiple buttons, single light)

I think these scenarios would be the most desirable. Let me know if you can think of any additional functionality I could try with Yeelight RGB lightbulb and Amazon Dash.

As you can see the button is working nicely, with about 4 sec delay and about 10 sec cooldown between presses. It may not be perfect for each light switch out there, but it’s a great way to use your Amazon Dash as smart light remote.


The tutorial is ready, so click here to learn how to set this up. Enjoy it! If you want to get Yeelight Smart Bulb, use the links below, I get a small kickback for each purchase made!

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