The race is on. Google Home joins the ranks of the smart speakers capable of calling people in the UK. I figured I have one, I might as well give it a go. I spend a lot of time on the phones at work, and calling people in my spare time (even if I like them) it’s not something I love doing. Is the phone call quality with Google Home Mini any good?

Phone call quality with Google Home Mini

I called my sister to find out what’s up. As this was a rather unscheduled call, it was quickly brought to the end by her saying that the film is on. But first things first. It’s nice to have the option to show or withheld your number when using Google Home. The option can be modified when making the first call but I can’t find it anywhere in the Google Home app should you change your mind about it. To set your call info a phone number verification is done. (SMS verification required).

The dialling is easy, even though, I and my sister share the last name that would drive any native English speaker mad. The Google Home Mini quickly found the correct contact, note that I could simply ask “Hey, Google call my sister“.

Google Home Mini during a phone call.

I have tried to dial my number just for kicks really, by saying my number really quick  – to my surprise, the connection has been made, but for obvious reason, I have been greeted with a busy dial tone.

The phone call quality with Google Home Mini is good. My sister when asked what’s the call quality on her end – she said it’s a little bit like I’m in an empty room, but I was coming through loud and clear. Note that I was about 1m away from the Google Home Mini. My office is small and I didn’t feel like going all the way to the kitchen to test the conference calls.

Her voice was loud, without the distortions. I’d say you will be happy with the phone call quality with Google Home Mini. The volume can be turned up a lot, to the point when the entire conversation becomes too loud and unpleasant to the ear.


It always bothers me why these things take so much time to get introduced to different markets. I wonder what is going to be the next feature. Maybe ability to test the internet speed? Until then you can use my hack to get Google Home to test your internet speed. If making calls is important to you and you have been waiting to get Google Home, I guess now it’s a good time.

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