Raspberry Pi Tutorials

Windows 10 IoT core on Raspberry Pi

The Windows 10 has been making its way to various devices and for some time now it is available on the Raspberry Pi as...

Talking Raspberries, TCP socket protocol in Phyton

Majority of my communication is handled via AutoRemote. It links my pc, mobile, tablet and Raspberry PI 2 & 3. It's all good and...

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Raspberry Pi network speed test: RPI2, RPI3, Zero, ZeroW (LAN&WiFi)

There are four ways you can connect the internet to a Raspberry Pi board. You can use a built-in WiFi, add a WiFi dongle, use...

Alexa, wake up my computer (Tasker too!)

It's not the first time I deal with this project, and oh boy, each time it does change quite a bit. How is this...

2019 Raspberry Pi Network Speed Test

I'm testing all Raspberry Pi boards starting with Raspberry Pi 2 in the ultimate network test!

Infrared Sensor HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor for a Raspberry PI...

How to use PIR sensor with your Raspberry PI.

Three ways to send data from Tasker to Raspberry Pi

It's been two years since my Tasker automation profiles are complimented by a Raspberry Pi board. I understand that spending $30-40 on a new...