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The coolest heatsink for Raspberry Pi 4

Add RPM and RGB controls to 52pi ICE Tower Heatsink for Raspberry PI 4

How cool is 52pi ICE Cooling Tower?

52pi ICE Cooling Tower brings powerful cooling performance to Raspberry PI 4 and Raspberry Pi 3B+ boards. It comes with a 40mm fan and RGB LEDs.

Cooling Raspberry Pi 4 with 52pi Power Board

Raspberry Pi 4 can run hot! Do you really need a massive cooling stack to keep all 4 cores in check? I'm testing the board thermals with a passive heatsink and 30mm fan included in 52pi Power Board

2019 Raspberry Pi Network Speed Test

I'm testing all Raspberry Pi boards starting with Raspberry Pi 2 in the ultimate network test!

Eben Upton talks about Raspberry Pi 4, space, but definitely not...

I'm got a chance to ask a couple of questions the man behind RaspberryPi - Eben Upton.

Raspberry Pi 4 – and 1Gbit YEAH!

I do not know how did I miss this but, we have a launch of the Raspberry Pi 4! Yes you are...

Mobile notifications for 3D Printers

Create awesome mobile notifications for 3D Printers. Treat any printer supporting Octoprint to an awesome mobile makeover.

Making Music Pi: Amazon Echo Music streamer

Making Raspberry Pi 3A+ music streaming box has been a great challenge. In a nutshell, the project is very simple: to make something that can...

Streaming your own music on Amazon Echo for free

Google Home Mini has been my default smart speaker for streaming music, as the sound was decent, and Google made streaming your own tracks...

Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi 3A+ WiFi without keyboard or cables

You can find 100s of guides how to connect a Raspberry Pi to a network online, even I wrote about connecting it in 4...

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ESP8266 WIFI lights under $5

I'm happy to report that a progress has been made on my WIFI lights project. Now I can turn on and off the ESP8266 WIFI...

Raspberry Pi 3B+Announcement!

It's been some time since the release of Raspberry Pi 3. A few moments ago The Mag Pi announced the Raspberry Pi 3 B+...

MagPi – auto-downloader

MagPi - auto-downloader is designed to notify your when the new magazine is available as a PDF. Why should you care about it? This...

Raspberry PI sensors

Sensors for RPI - overview

Tips for building AIY speaker

Building AIY speaker was a pleasure. I went live and streamed the entire process without prior preparation. The viewers could see me struggle a...